Customer Pool

Customer Pool

Customers requests quotes via iWantFuel for either Delivery, Own Collection or On-Road Refuelling.

Supplier Pool

Supplier Pool

Once a quote request has been made, the iWantFuel system will instantly find qualified GEO-Coded suppliers and they will all receive a quote request.

We currently have more than 450 Suppliers Nationwide.
Suppliers Quote

Suppliers Quote

The Suppliers quote and responses are instantly sent to the Customer.

Quote Comparison

Quote Comparison

The Customer compares quotes and selects the best price quoted.


Customer Places Order

Customer Places Order

iWantFuel invoices the client on behalf of the Supplier (Pro-Forma Invoice) and places the order with the winning Supplier.

Order is Released

Order is Released

When payment for your order is cleared, iWantFuel will send release notes to the Supplier.

Once delivery / collection has taken place, the supplier will send iWantFuel the Bill of Lading / Delivery Note.

Thats a wrap...

Thats a wrap...

iWantFuel will confirm the quantities delivered and instruct payment releases.

If applicable, refunds the Customer on any short deliveries.

Important Notice

iWantFuel will NEVER release funds if we do not have 100% confirmation that the customer received the product they ordered.

We will also NEVER instruct a load to be delivered / collected if the customers funds are not safe and cleared.

We strive to protect our Customers and Suppliers at all times.

www.iWantFuel.co.za has come a long way. It took 4 years to design, develop and program.

The basic principle of iWantFuel is not far from a de-centralized supply portal.

For decades consumers simply found a supplier and stuck with them oblivious of the fact that there might be alternative options available until the traditional sales representative paid them a visit. The face of business has changed, and the role of the traditional sales representative has shifted. No longer are they the main source of new business but they are now the main source of trying to attain business.

With technology evolving at a pace that very few companies can keep up with, the world of commodity trading has become ruthless and merciless hence the importance of being in control.

This was our vision and iWantFuel was born in 2014.

iWantfuel.co.za was designed to change the way companies purchase fuel and lubricants. The system's sole purpose is to give bargaining power back to the consumer and selling power to the supplier while eliminating the risks of non-payment and non-delivery.

For years the petroleum industry has been giving discounts based on the following factors.

  • Quantity
  • Payment terms
  • Customer location

There are also three supply chains available for fuel being sold on a commercial level.

  • Major Fuel Companies
  • Fuel Distributors
  • Filling Stations

We just introduced the fourth, iWantFuel.co.za !


  • Guaranteed Fuel Supply, they don't just have one or two suppliers but all of them.
  • The power to get the best prices every time they order thereby changing the industry standard whereby prices were usually set per client. Now, every time you order you buy at the best possible price.
  • An extremely easy system to use and it will keep records of all your fuel orders.
  • The industry norm also shifted as suppliers must compete with price to get your business irrespective of the quantity ordered; the supplier will not see the purchaser’s ordering cycle.
  • Delivery is guaranteed as iWantFuel will only pay the supplier on confirmation of delivery.
  • No Over/Under scenarios (differences between order and delivery is refunded to the purchaser)
  • No subscription or membership fees


  • iWantFuel will send unlimited quote requests to suppliers at no cost…365/24/7
  • Suppliers can specify in which areas they can deliver and will only receive quote requests within those regions.
  • Suppliers can quote as many times as they wish at no cost
  • Suppliers can use the system to help achieve and attain their allocations
  • Suppliers are guaranteed payment as iWantFuel will never instruct that delivery takes place before funds are cleared.
  • No subscription or membership fees.
  • Suppliers have a country wide marketing footprint - completely free of charge!
  • Eliminates the time and effort to convince potential clients to trust you enough to make an upfront payment before delivery.
  • Get new business without paying representatives to visit potential new clients.

Now the purchaser can get the best possible fuel prices from suppliers and both parties have 100% peace of mind that the transaction is secure.

The best possible price for bulk fuel in the safest way!