Terms & Conditions


The General Terms and Conditions of Sale of iWantFuel shall apply exclusively.  These terms shall be binding on iWantFuel and any Users of Products in the absence of an explicit written agreement to the contrary by both Parties.

iWantFuel (hereinafter referred to as the “Facilitator”) is an online fuel sourcing platform and payment gateway for petroleum products (hereinafter referred to as the “Product”) and provided by various Fuel Suppliers (hereinafter referred to as the “Supplier”) to Clients (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) The platform ensures that Users can obtain the best possible prices on petroleum products. Users are guaranteed that the product will be delivered as the Facilitator will only release the funds to the nominated supplier on proof of delivery. We are not  Fuel Traders and are not affiliated to any association, group or brand. iWantFuel.com only provide data to suppliers registered on this website to enable them to quote. A nominal surcharge will however be applicable depending on quantities ordered.


By registering on iWantFuel.com you give iWantFuel, its subsidiaries and partner companies full consent to communicate and send information and marketing material via email and SMS. Should you not wish to receive any communication please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to remove your profile.


The Client will be liable for and bear the risk of choice of Product grade and Quality the Facilitator will not be obliged to check whether the chosen Product grade is correct or be responsible for the quality control of the product. The transaction of buying fuel is between the User and Supplier and should there be any complaints, same must be resolved directly between the Supplier and the User.

It is also the buyers responsibility to test the fuel before taking delivery. If the buyer is not satisfied with the product's test result they have full right not to accept the load. If the buyer however does not test and accepts the load, ownership and responsibility of the load/product is transferred to the buyer.

As iWantFuel, we urge clients to test the product before taking delivery.


Upon delivery the risk and title of the Product will pass concurrently at the passage of the fixed connections of the receiving storage equipment. Representatives from the receiving User will be responsible for ensuring the Product is received in a safe way and without any liability whatsoever to the Facilitator.


The Facilitator is indemnified from any claims that may arise between User and Supplier.


Complaints regarding differences in quantities will only be considered on condition that the Seller is notified immediately and prior to the signing of Delivery Receipts. The Seller will only accept unsoiled and legible Delivery Receipts. 

The Facilitator will not accept any claim for short supply based on storage tank measurement inaccuracies.

Should the Supplier deliver less product the Facilitator will refund the client the difference.

It is the Supplier’s responsibility to ensure that the ordered quantities are correctly delivered. In the event of the oversupplying of Product, it will be Supplier’s responsibility to collect the deficit in funds directly from Client.


Upon vehicle registration the system will generate an open purchase order of 1500L on behalf of the client on intervals of 1500L paid in intervals on completed on road transactions.


By registering on iWantFuel.com you agree to all privacy, acceptable use and terms and conditions of the platform, company and partner companies.


The Facilitator will not be held liable for late, delayed or interrupted deliveries. The Facilitator will notify the User when delivery will be executed. All other communication will be between the Supplier and the User.


Should the supplier be unable to perform, be it in fuel specification, volume, non-delivery (or material late delivery), and the fuel load is subsequently REJECTED by the client, we (The Facilitator) reserves the full right to cancel an order with immediate effect for non-performance and remove the said supplier from the iWantFuel platform.

The facilitator will also not be held liable for any costs incurred by the Supplier.



All transactions are strictly COO (Cash on Order) and loads will only be released once funds reflects as available.