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Get some answers on frequently asked questions regarding our On-Road Refuelling division.

iWantFuel negotiated discounted rates with individual retail owners and group owners of multiple brands. Some commercial retailers can afford to give better discounts than sites with oil major company franchise agreements. That said, every site is committed to give the best discount they can afford. It remains a team effort between iWantFuel and the supplying site, to move fuel through these forecourts at the best possible price, while protecting both customer and supplier.

The iWantFuel, iWallet account is controlled and checked by a registered CASA and audits are conducted by MAZARS. We have a clean bill of health and customer references are available on request.

Customer payment is by means of EFT to an iWallet, like a pre-paid system. You can only order fuel if there is money in your iWallet. The supplier is thus guaranteed that enough money is available for payment of the ordered fuel.

iWantFuel facilitates the fuel transaction between supplier and customer. Once the product is collected, payment is released to the supplier.

Our supplier sites are multi branded and they source their fuel from the wholesale fuel supply chain within their specific brand or contract. Fuel quality remains the responsibility of the supplying site and only reputable retailers are added to the iWantFuel network.

iWantFuel guarantees fuel suppliers that funds are available in the iWallet before an order is processed. Therefore, iWantFuel does not provide credit facilities on its platform. Clients are welcome to finance their operational fuel cost through whatever platform they chose, as long as they can deposit cash into the iWantFuel iWallet system.

We placed a lot of emphasis on fraud prevention during the development of the iWantFuel platform and as such employ a 3 Factor Authentication system to eliminate fraud and risk. All fuel orders are placed before loading and no fuel order can be processed without the appointed fleet manager’s release via his/her personal cell phone. This places the fleet manager firmly in control of the fuel spending. 

As a benefit, iWantFuel provides customers a real-time fuel management system as a tool to monitor and identify fraudulent transactions. Once the driver gets back into the vehicle, the full transaction is visible on the client’s iWantFuel login portal.

Our 24/7 Call Centre is available on 021 300 5894

Supplier Sites have different operating hours and is visible per site once a fuel order is requested.

Download the iWantFuel app or register online at www.iwantfuel.co.za

Simply register your main profile, load your vehicles, load your drivers and fund your wallet. As simple as that and you are ready to start saving. If you have a large vehicle fleet and lots of drivers, you are welcome to e-mail us the vehicle and driver details and our team will sort out the rest.

The answer is YES, with real suppliers and many satisfied customers!

There is NO COST to either Supplier or Client, Suppliers can Quote for FREE and Customers can request quotes for FREE.

No, we are an aggregation system, we source the best prices for fuel and lubricants and act as the deal facilitator. In layman’s terms, we will find you the best possible prices while at the same time drive business to more than 300 Fuel and Lubricant suppliers’ country wide.

Country Wide

Yes, only if the applicant is over 110 years old and is accompanied by both his living grandparents!

Nope, iWantFuel is an automated system and does not give preference to anybody.

We will not supply suppliers with any competitive advantage. The system was built to be fair and will stay that way.

iWantFuel.co.za is a Load for Load system. We don't care if you use 2500 L or 10 Million Litres per month. If you are a tender chaser, you are on the wrong system and will be blocked from using it.